Sustainbable andcontrolled production

We promote sustainable and controlled production, being entirely Made in Italy, with a governance that promotes the well-being of people and the environment through concrete solutions.

We want to integrate sustainability objectives, in the triple sense: environmental, social and governance into our corporate strategies, activity which translates into concrete commitment towards the adoption of a real esg action plan and periodic verification of the same.

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Corporate Code of Ethics

A document designed to enhance our company and project it into the future, dictating the interpretative lines of our daily undertaking – a project that seeks to focus on the person, to build an individual and collective well-being through a vision of responsible enterprise, which invests in quality, competence and respect.

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Energy requalification

Latest-generation heating and cooling systems allow us to reduce emissions. The presence of a solar system means energy from renewable sources is harnessed.

An entirely purified water network and a plastic-free management of the offices minimises the production of waste, which is in any case separated.

Internal certifications

ISO 9001 Guaranteeing the optimisation of operational processes within the company.

ISO 14001 Guaranteeing environmentally-friendly production processes.

ISO 45001 Guaranteeing occupational health and safety systems.