A history rich in Italian passion

Simmy arose in 1970 as a laboratory for the production of outerwear constructed by women, as an ambitious family operation with a genuine and passionate spirit that distinguishes the best of Made in Italy entrepreneurship.

Over the decades, tailoring activities have been expanded through collaborations with some of the most important national and international haute couture brands, consolidating the company’s technical skills whilst standing out due to the high quality of its achievements.

Today, Simmy is a structured company specialised in the production of garments of excellence, able to offer designers all the necessary support in the development of their creative ideas, taking care of the implementation of the project, prototyping and production of entire collections for men, women and children.

This process sees the best professionals in the sector interpret and realise the evolution of style, always in a contemporary manner.

A dynamic and functional structure

Pattern Division To help stylists in the development and creation of their creative ideas from sketch to prototype, with professionalism, experience and creativity.

Purchasing Office To create unique garments, thanks to the innovation and unique character of the prised materials that are selected, verified and purchased directly for the client.

Production Division To make the dream tangible, with the construction and production of defined models, showing the pieces on the catwalk and distributing them all around the world.

Quality Control To verify each produced item’s conformity with the original model, the excellence of every process carried out and the sustainability of the production processes.

Logistics and Warehouse To customise and coordinate the shipment of products according to the needs and schedules of the client, with digitised systems and guaranteed punctuality.

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